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We also operate a Store, selling sculpting putty, sculpting tools and Woodland Scenics groundcover products.

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Latest updates

Purple Mantis Commission update 7 September 2011
It has been a hell of a busy year so far, and shows no sign of improving until after my PhD thesis is finished... All my available painting time is now booked out, and I will not be taking on any new work until after Arcanacon, in January 2012. Thanks for all the enquiries! I'll see you on the other side.

Grey Knight Dreadnaught Small gallery update 16 December 2010
It's been quite a while since the last update. I've just added a Grey Knight dreadnaught to the 40k gallery, and will be adding some more Warmachine privateers shortly...

Tsyklon Sputnik Infinity Gallery update 24 May 2010
We're back! I've just added a few Remote figures to the Infinity gallery, and done a few other bits of maintenance around the site. In particular, the Commissions, Gallery and Contact pages have been brought up to date.

Purple Mantis Moving! (and stock update) 22 October 2009
Louise and I will be moving house over the next week, and so any new orders will not be sent until Thursday 29/10. We've bought an apartment in Kensington, are we're looking forward to moving back in to the city again. We're repainting this weekend (enough jokes about painting in 1:1 scale, please!) and packing everything for a move next Wednesday. We have also received new supplies of sculpting tools, and are now sold out of our final Winsor & Newton products.

Szalamandra Szalamandra 15 September 2009
The Szalamandra is a sci-fi figure from Corvus Belli's anime-inspired Infinity range. You can expect to see a lot more Infinity figures over the coming months, from several different factions. Corvus Belli make some of the most dynamic sci-fi figures on the market, sculpted in a "true 25mm" scale that makes them seem much smaller than the other figures in the gallery. This one's a big'un though - the Szalamandra is a heavily armoured mech, and stands about 50mm tall.

Purple Mantis Change of web hosting 9 July 2009
The Purple Mantis website and email account have now moved to a new server. Hopefully things are now working smoothly again - there have been a few outages this week. We've also received a new shipment of ProCreate putty, so the store will be getting an update this afternoon.

Purple Mantis Store update 16 June 2009
Purple Mantis has now shifted to a part-time operation, and we will be reducing the number of items in our store at the end of June. We'll continue to stock sculpting tools and putty, but will not be reordering Winsor & Newton brushes or Woodland Scenics items. Painting commissions will also continue, although advance booking is necessary - our commission schedule is generally booked around two months ahead.

Purple Mantis Out of office: Monday 12/1 - Tuesday 20/1 12 January 2009
Louise and I are off on our (slightly belated) honeymoon, and will be back in Melbourne next week. All current orders have been posted out (the last batch of deliveries were sent on Jan 6th). We'll be able to respond to any queries or orders arriving over the next week when we get back.

Purple Mantis On a lighter note... 4 November 2008
Louise and I will be getting married this Saturday! We won't be able to respond to emails until after Friday 15/11, but will be trading as normal from November 17th. I've also just updated the store, now that we have restocked some of our brushes and sculpting tools. The commission schedule for December and January is beginning to fill up, so please let me know soon if you need anything painted by Arcanacon, DogCon or CanCon.

Purple Mantis Family update 9 October 2008
As mentioned back on August 7th, things have been pretty hectic over here for the past couple of months. My father passed away on September 24th, after a very short battle with liver cancer. At the moment, we are still trading as normal (though with somewhat reduced hours). We will be moving in January to be closer to family, but can be reached at our North Melbourne address until then. Thankyou for your support and patience during a very rough few weeks.

Fire Prism 2 Strike Force 20 September 2008
This week's Gallery update returns to the forces of the Eldar - specifically, adding some real firepower to the forces of the Ulthwe Craftworld.

Platov General Count Platov 2 September 2008
General Platov, Hetman of the Cossacks during 1812 has joined the host of fantasy and sci-fi figures over in the Gallery. This is the first historical commission I've worked on so far, and it makes a nice change from the zealots and Eldar that have covered my desk recently.

Purple Mantis Some bad news 7 August 2008
Due to a family medical emergency, I will be relocating to Somerville in order to be with my parents for the near future. All currently scheduled commissions should still be completed as planned, as I will be taking my work with me. Email is still the best way to contact me, but I will have limited computer access and may take an extra day or two to respond.

ProCreate Putty Store update 29 July 2008
The camera is back in action, and I've just finished a long-overdue update of the Store page. You can now find images of most products, with a scale shown for reference.

Purple Mantis GenCon Oz 2008 14 July 2008
Australia's first official Warmachine: Hardcore tournament ran last weekend, as part of GenCon Oz. I won the Master Craftsman medal with my latest project - a Protectorate of Menoth army, painted frantically over the three weeks before the convention. Stay tuned for pictures...

Purple Mantis Commissions page updated 19 May 2008
The Commissions has finally been updated, with some information on the stages involved in commissioning work. There haven't been many additions to the Gallery lately, but that's because I've been spending all my time painting...

Falcon In the grim darkness... 29 April 2008
I've added a new section to the Gallery page, to show some figures from the Warhammer 40,000 range. The first model is an Eldar Falcon grav-tank, bearing the colours of the Ulthwe craftworld.

Spriggan For the Motherland! 1 April 2008
The Imperial Khadoran war machine rolls relentlessly onwards. This week's gallery update adds some more units to the familiar green Khadorans - Spriggan and Destroyer warjacks, a Manhunter solo, and the Butcher of Khadov (with a bit of a difference...).

Purple Mantis Conquest 2008 31 March 2008
Thanks to all those who dropped in to see us at Conquest over the Easter holiday. Sculpting tools and putty were both very popular, with the new Woodland Scenics sampler packs also selling well. Stock quantities in the store have now been updated, after a re-stock of hard-to-find sculpting tools.

Vanguard The Vanguard 20 March 2008
Now the weather has cooled down a bit, I've been able to do some more painting at last. The latest warjack off the production line is a Vanguard, converted slightly to accompany the Mercenary warcaster Fiona the Black.

Kya and Fruit Kya and Fruit 19 March 2008
Something a little different this month - two World of Warcraft characters, designed to stand on top of a wedding cake. Sculpted in ProCreate putty, on an aluminium armature.

Purple Mantis Major store update 19 February 2008
The Store has had a major update, adding the first of the Woodland Scenics products. If you base your models with sand or flock, try out the Sampler Pack - it has small quantities of several materials, so you can add detail to characters and other prominent models.

Purple Mantis The next wave 12 February 2008
Arriving soon are a range of Woodland Scenics basing materials, for miniatures and terrain. We'll be selling these in sampler packs (good for basing characters and experimenting with new techniques), and larger bags for detailing armies and scenery.

Older news posts can be found in the News Archive